Thursday, December 7, 2017

I'm Little...But I'm a Great Winner

Hi guys today i will show you my work that i did today using wordcloud. Press this link for my screencastify. This is my explanation about word cloud that i used in my learning.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017 Summer Learning Journey

Hola bloggers i am back!

Today i will be showing you guys 3 things comparing breakfast to another country. So to start with i eat watery egg and toasted bread that i make then a milkshake then Milo and also bacon and sizzled hot dog. My chosen country is Canada so they eat pancakes or chocolate pancakes with maple syrup.

2017 Summer Learning Journey

Hi bloggers i am back!

Today i will show you a book that i want in the air plane. The title is called Harry Potter and the Cursed child. This book is by JK Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two is the official script book for the play of the same name written by J. K Rowling. It is the eighth story published in the Harry Potter book series. J. K. Rowling wanted the plot of the play to remain a secret for as long as possible.

2017 Summer Learning Journey packing to go to Canada in Ottawa

Here are my resources that i will bring to Canada.

  • Computer*
  • 3 bags*
  • clothes*
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • 10 sunglasses
  • 23 shoes*
  • 10 sandals
  • 20 socks
  • 3 headphones
  • 8 cans of beans
  • Chicken frozen
  • 2 phones
  • 50 bottles of water
  • 11 coke bottles frozen
  • ice
  • medic kit*
  • German Shepard puppy
  • Rot wheeler puppy
  • Papers
  • table
  • suitcase

Monday, December 4, 2017

2017 Summer Learning Journey

Today I've been asked to show my own airline so here it is.

Image result for army airplaneImage result for inside airplane expensive
Image result for inside airplane expensiveImage result for inside airplane 1 billion $

Friday, December 1, 2017

2017 Summer Learning Journey

Hello bloggers i am back!

Today i will be showing you guys three things that a learned from a video about safety in a air plane.  Here is my first safety rule always check you have your seat belt on and when you see the sign unbuckle your seat belt you can take it off or going toilet. My second rule is when the plane your in and you crash into water you have to press a button or a lever to activate your life jacket or get it under you seat below. My last rule is listen to the pilot for emergency if your about to crash and have air turbulence that went wrong.

Summer Learning Journey Factual recall about Wellington

Hola bloggers i am back!

Today i will be doing telling you what i did in Wellington. So my first activity was climbing up mitre then went down i was so exhausted that i was about to collapse i drank 20 Gatorade bottles. The last thing i did there is sow boarding down a snowy mountain at Mt Tapuae o Uenuku.